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PHASE 2: Survive to Keep Running

Los Angeles, California
Tuesday, 7th April 2020
Time: 5:19pm

The walk back to the city was long and tiresome on the unfit bodies of the killjoys. The only person who was not affected was Mikey. Frank and Gerard filled sacks with canned food and neon light bulbs so Ray could use his revolver to help protect them. Ray and Mikey ransacked every gun shop for revolvers and tools to create a weapon made to shoot neon lights easier and more effectively.

“What do you think is happening Mikey?” asked Ray.

“I don’t know Ray. Something unprecedented”, he answered.

“Will we be alright?” Ray asked.

Mikey looked at him. “We should go find Frank and Gerard and get out of the city”.
Ray followed Mikey carrying a white sack full of revolvers and tools. He gawked at all the cars line up in single file on the streets, with all the people frozen inside and all the passengers slowly losing their humanity.

“What is happening to all these people?” asked Ray.

“They are scared, in fear and some are angry”, answered Mikey.

“But why are they walking around like zombies?” asked Ray.

“Because they are dying”, answered Mikey.

“Dying?” Ray said shocked. “Why are they dying?”

“That’s what I am trying to figure out”, said Mikey. “We have to keep running”.

Mikey walked towards the supermarket with his sack lifted over his shoulder searching for Gerard and Frank. Ray followed behind taking small and slower steps as he observed and watched the people of this city dying. Just then a young woman dropped unconscious to the ground, she didn’t move and Ray ran to her. Mikey held him back, “She is dead. We need to go”.

Mikey quickly pulled Ray away from the young woman and ran to the supermarket. Frank and Gerard had collected most of the canned goods, clean water and essential hygienic products. Mikey darted back into the supermarket and grabbed rubber gloves and soda.

“Clothing? We need clothing do we not”, said Frank.

“There’s a boutique right there”, pointed Gerard.

“Go. Take Ray with you”, Mikey said behind them.

Frank, Gerard and Ray ran to quickly loot the boutique for all the clothing they could gather so they had clothing for however long this shift was to last. Mikey watched them disappear behind the man-made garden placed on the pavement.

Mikey pulled on the rubber gloves he stole from the supermarket and went to examine the young woman’s body, the woman who dropped dead a short time ago. He carefully searched through the lady’s hair, through her handbag, looked over her arms and legs and finally discovered some evidence.

Mikey discovered lights flashing on the inside of her skin in the middle of her palms on her hands, on the tip of her big toes and on the back of her neck. He walked back to the supermarket and stole a small knife; he walked back to the body and collected one of the flashing lights from her palm.

The flashing light was a modern and futuristic device, the size of a mobile sim card, white and very small. It looked as though it acted as a joint, but there was a little needle which looked as though it injected something back into the body.

“What the hell are you doing to her?!” screamed Ray.

He pushed Mikey away from the body, jumped on him and started to hit him. Mikey blocked his next punch, rolled him over and sat on him.

“I’m not a monster cutting her open if that’s what you are thinking. I found this,” he explained showing the guys the chip he had found. “I don’t know what it is but it has a company name, BLI, and looks as though it feeds something back to the body through this injection point. It flashes once the body is dead. I don’t know why”.

“Wait, are you saying somebody or some organisation is killing these people?” asked Frank.
“I don’t know. It looks like it though”, answered Mikey. “We need to get out of the city”.
“We have food, we have guns and we have clothing. So, where to from here genius?” asked Gerard.
“The desert”, answered Mikey.

They moved out and started heading for the desert.

As they moved, Mikey noticed every street pole had cameras that were watching their every move and Gerard stole car ariels, mini DVD screens and collected any piece of metal he could. Mikey stopped moving grabbed a bin and broke the window of an art supply shop. The shop alarm echoed through the silent LA streets, he quickly jumped through and stole four hand-made masks, paint and paint brushes he placed them in the sack and ran to catch up with the group.

“Hey, put these on”, said Mikey, handing Gerard, Ray and Frank all a mask.

“Why?” asked Gerard.

“There are cameras everywhere, they are watching us”, said Mikey. “Ray do you have any loaded revolvers?”

“Yeah”, he answered. “And, sorry about hitting you before”.

“It’s all good. Could I have the gun please?” he answered.

Ray handed Mikey the revolver and he started to shoot the cameras as they walked toward the desert. All the cameras had eventually been shot down: a black scrap of metal that Gerard was collecting like a caddy collecting golf balls.

They continued to walk in silence toward the desert, wearing their masks and collecting anything that wasn’t contaminated with BLI industries logo or viruses.

Abruptly, Ray and Frank, walking ahead of Gerard and Mikey, stopped and Ray drew his revolver and held it in his shaking right hand. Mikey and Gerard walked to stand beside Frank and Ray.
“I can hear something moving over there”, whispered Frank to Mikey pointing to a frozen green vehicle in front of them.

“Cover me”, said Mikey to Ray.

Mikey started to sneak to see what was lurking behind the car, his revolver was drawn and he was holding it beside his legs ready to shoot if something tried to attack him.

Mikey peered around the side of the green vehicle. “Hello”, he said. A man looked to him and raised his hands surrendering as Mikey pointed his weapon at him.

“Don’t shoot me”, he said.

“Who are you?” Mikey asked, still holding the gun to the man.

The man stood up, his long black hair fell as he stopped leaning on the car, he put on his bandana and sunglasses, and he was dressed in bikie like clothing and had a really deep voice.
“I’m a doctor”, he said.

“Is there a reason why I shouldn’t shoot you?” asked Mikey.

The man threw Mikey a handkerchief and told him to read the writing. It said, ‘Doctor Death Defying, you need to find all the Killjoys because they are the saviours of Earth and humanity, only they can defeat Korse leader of BLI (Better Living Industries), the exterminator’.

“Who are the killjoys?” Mikey asked. “Are you Doctor Death Defying?”

“You are, he is, he is and he is,” answered the man pointing to Mikey, Gerard, Frank and Ray.

“And, yes, I am Doctor Death Defying”.

“Why should we believe you or trust you? What is going on with all the people? Who is Korse?” Mikey questioned.

“I will answer all that and more but right now you all need to leave this city and come with me.

It is not safe here, Korse knows where you are and he is coming. I have a place far away from here, come with me and I will explain everything”, Doctor Death Defying answered.

Mikey looked to the group, relaxed his hand and his gun and looked back at Doctor Death Defying.

“What choice do we have Mikey?” said Frank.

“Fine. But do not be cute, because we have the guns mister”, said Mikey.

Doctor Death Defying held a set of keys in his hand, threw them to Gerard and pointed to a grey T-Top Thunderbird.

“Drive and follow me”, said Doctor Death Defying.